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Craig’s Car Care sourced and prepped the 4 donor Hero vehicles for the shoot. We worked closely with Pyranha Stunts, Juice Films and Lieven Van Bailen. We carried out the necessary fabrication of all the light weight moulded parts for the hanging cars, designed the special quick fit panel system needed to achieve the shots required by the director.

Craig’s Car Care sourced the Hero vehicle for the shoot, we then converted the vehicle to a home made harvester and transported the vehicle to the shoot location.

Craig’s Car Care sourced and prepped the VW Polo for an American insurance Company commercial. The vehicle had to be prepped is such a way that we could strip the vehicle on set in under 2 hours without moving the vehicle.

Craig’s Car Care sourced and build the bus in 19 day from start to finish for a Coke commercial. The bus passed roadworthy and was SABS approved by the end of the 19 days.

Craig’s Car Care vinyl wrapped the helicopter in 2 days at the airport for a Lucozade commercial. The helicopter flew for 3 days and then was de rigged by us after the shoot.

Craig’s Car Care sourced and prepped the Hero vehicles for the Johnnie Walker commercial and transported the vehicles to Prieska where the commercial was shot. Craig G Sobotker was the stunt driver for the commercial.

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Craig’s Car Care prepped and peel coated all the Nissan Navara hero vehicles for the commercial. Driving was also done by Craig G Sobotker..

Craig’s Car Care prepped, build and peel coated the truck for a international Lay’s commercial. Stunt driving was also done by our very own Craig G Sobotker.

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